Expert Author Olachi Amah

Cause and Effect is a relationship between events and things where one is the result of the other or others. This is a combination of action and reaction. Mediocrity and self-pity is not an excuse to not achieving dreams and ambition. No one is interested in your story of sympathy even if they seem to care. People want to see the results of your effort in the success stories you tell, how you came from grass to grace. A negative mind or mindset can never produce a positive result or sulking on moments of failures in your life is not a prerogative measure to greater heights.

The way you address issues is the way those issues dress you. It is said that what you give is what comes back to you. You reap what you sowed. you cannot plant corn and expect to see tomatoes no matter how spiritual you are. Jesus said; "sow condemnation and reaps condemnation; sow forgiveness and reap forgiveness". There are certain areas in our lives that might be barren and for it to produce harvest; we need to sow in them. Some people get jealous and envious when they see others succeeding; instead of them to bless, so that they can be blessed also. If you understand kingdom principles, there are certain things you can cause to happen in your life by what you sow. in fact if you want to change what you are reaping, you have to change what you are sowing. If you have trouble making friends then it means you have trouble being friendly because they are turned off by what you present as friendliness. Nobody takes time with you? Then you should know that you don't take time with others. They don't understand you? Check again; you don't understand them. You don't give grace to people who are different from you; consequently, they don't give grace to you. What you are going to reap out of your children is what you sow into them. It is never too late to change your mind even if you are in the middle of the process. You might still reap some things that are residues of your bad mistakes in the past but if you start to change now, you start a new cycle in your life and in no time people will forget all you did before and redefine you.

It is so serious that, you can sow good things for 10 years but if you sow one wrong thing, people forget all the good things you did and define you with the wrong. That is how inconsistent the human mind is. People who sow certain things into their finances, discipline, mentalities and others, it always come back to them. Discipline with bless you; you cannot be a concert pianist if you don't rehearse. You cannot put scriptures into your head through divine osmosis for you to be a great preacher. You must invest and study and read. That is why you should not bother about people who are jealous about your gift; they cannot get it, unless they did what you did to get it.



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