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The expectation of all creation eagerly waits for your revealing. As for the lives of others that God has attached to you, if you are doing nothing about them, they also are just sitting and waiting for the day you will come because their lives are attached to you. If you fail, they fail; if you recognize your purpose, they recognize theirs; if you succeed, they succeed. The world is in darkness without you. Leaders are ordinary people, who find themselves in extra-ordinary situation; whom through self-development, took up the mantle to influence their society.

The person that must meet the demand of the world must first know where his expectation lies; which has to be in God. Remaining in the body is needful for someone else, otherwise God will take you. It means that there are people who will never get what they need until they meet you. You need to be a son and have the true son-ship of God. If you want to ascribe honor to a man, when you see his son, the same honor can be given. God is the creator to everything he has made. God is our father, only to those who are born again. People see God as their father in three different ways; when things happen to them and they need something, when there is no relationship at all and when they have taken so much interest to be with the father and they spend time with him. You must know what it is that God is doing at your own time and you must be a part of it. Everything that God has given to you has a part for other people.

Until your purpose is written, you don't have any. It is the knowledge of purpose that birth a vision, and where there is no vision, there will be no provision. So we must all sit up to pursue the purpose of God for our lives. Until you come to a realization of whom you are and know that the world is waiting for you, the world will continue to remain in shambles. Anything in you that do not bring glory to God, it is just a matter of time, they will crumble. It is one thing to run your race, and it is another thing to run the race that God has set for you. It is not about carrying titles, but it is about fulfilling mandates.

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