Expert Author Olachi Amah

Someone said, "It takes so much energy to hate than to love". When you see two or more people who have come a long way and shared many things in common, suddenly have misunderstanding, it comes to a point where one of them realizes that he or she is wrong after analyzing the whole issue. But the individual will not like to apologize to avoid being on the losing side or feeling humiliated; some people call it "falling of hand". It is said that "prevention is better than cure". Everyone is right in his or her own way; no one wants to take the fall. It takes a lot of inner strength and humility to call a truce with someone. Sometimes you might have to admit to what you did not do for it to be settled.

Victoria and Bridget have been friends since childhood. They grew up together, went to the same elementary, high school and tertiary institution. At the university, Bridget was in a relationship with Archer, for 2 years. During which lots of misunderstanding took place as a result of drugs which Archer was involved in and Bridget had to call it off with him. Archer felt so hurt and heartbroken as he saw Bridget move on without him; so he decided to hurt her. He went to Victoria and deceived her by concocting a false story which Bridget never spoke about and that was the beginning of the rift between the two old friends. A serious argument erupted between them, after which they never spoke to each other until they graduated and went their separate ways. About two years later, Victoria received a call from another friend of hers, who informed her that Bridget was dead. Victoria, who was preparing to go out, fainted! She was rushed to the hospital, was revived by the doctors and all she could say when she opened her eyes was "I should have told her, I loved her". She kept repeating these words, muttering them to herself amidst tears as she cried with so much bitterness and grief. After being discharged from the hospital, she called the person who gave her the information concerning her friend, for more inquiries on the cause of death. And the person told her "Bridget was battling with cancer while at the university. It started just before she graduated, so she didn't know until she was taken to the hospital after she collapsed. Tests were run on her and it was discovered that it was malignant".

It is said that, you do not know the value of what you have until you lose it. But my question is "do we have to wait till we lose it before we know the value?" Many people have regretted so many actions they took most especially when they have seen the result of it. They wished they could turn back the hands of time. Time is not a friend to anyone. Pride has taken the order of the day. We have encountered unfortunate experiences where people leave us and they never return. As often as you can, without waiting for special moments or celebration time, tell someone how much you love them, how much they mean to you while you still can. Life is nothing without love. Forget the winning, set aside the pride and call a truce.



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